The Andrei Stenin Press Photo Contest: Winner Exhibition 2017

The Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest is an annual contest for young photojournalists aged between 18 and 33 years old. It is Russia’s only platform for discovering new photojournalists and for allowing them to make a name for themselves on the world photojournalism stage. In 2017, around 5000 entries by young photojournalists from 76 countries were submitted to the contest. The winning entries were exhibited around the world. In 2016 the exhibitions were run in Moscow, Istanbul, Cape Town, Cairo, Berlin, Shanghai, Rome, etc.

The exhibition of winning entries includes 50 works by young reporters from Russia, Spain, Greece, Serbia, Italy, India, China and South Africa.

For African participants, 2017 was a big year – South Africa’s Phandulwazi Jikelo won first place for his single “Grabouw housing protest” in the Top News category. Kenyan photographer Kevin Midigo took second place in the same category.

Their photographs, capturing fragments of political events, are part of a vivid kaleidoscope of issues that concern young photographers across the world. Among the central images of the fifty-piece exhibition are also the piercing story of people with little hope for the future, “Migrants in Belgrade”, by Spain’s Alejandro Martinez Velez; the “What?” series by Italian photographer Danilo Garcia Di Meo about a young Italian woman, Ambra, her courage and will to live; the black and white chronicle “Playing in the dark” by Russian Pavel Volkov about Paralympic soccer player Sergei Manzhos; and “Silent Howl” in which Shahnewaz Khan of Bangladesh dispassionately tells the story of children who are forced by circumstances to work to help their families survive.

1st place, single image

Phandulwazi  Jikelo, South Africa

Grabouw housing protest

Land invasion and shortage of housing resulted in violent protests when residents of Grabouw, near Cape Town, burnt down the Traffic Department building and blocked the main road while fighting with the police.

2nd place, single image

Kevin Midigo, Kenya

Anti-IEBC protests

School children run for cover as Kenya’s opposition leaders led by Raila Odinga take to the streets in weekly demonstrations demanding the disbandment of the electoral body, Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

1st place, series: Grand Prix

Alejandro Martinez Velez, Spain

Migrants in Belgrade

A man warms his hands over a campfire inside one of the warehouses near Belgrade’s Central Station.

1st place, series: Grand Prix

Alejandro Martinez Velez, Spain

Migrants in Belgrade

A migrant walking to one of the warehouses where hundreds of others like him are waiting in Belgrade to continue their journey through Europe.

1st place, series: Grand Prix

Alejandro Martinez Velez, Spain

Migrants in Belgrade

Group of Afghan and Pakistani migrants gathered around a bonfire not far from buildings being built by Eagle Hills, an investment and real estate development company based in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

2nd place, series: Grand Prix

Gabriele Micalizzi, Italy


LIBYA, SIRTE, 01/09/2016.
Ouagadougou Conference Center. Constructed by Italian workers at the request of Gaddafi, the building was meant to be a place for dialogue among all African cultures and in turn open doors in relations between Europe and Africa. In 2011 it was used as a bunker to defend the Rais.

2nd place: Grand Prix

Gabriele Micalizzi, Italy


LIBYA, SIRTE, 25/02/2015.
The after effects of a car bomb (Dogma) in the first District: six dead and nearly 40 wounded. Car bombs are made by attaching plastic explosives to heavy arms and munitions. The idea is to scar as many people as possible thereby leaving a permanent warning to those who want to interfere with the jihad.

2nd place, series: Alternative Reality

Svetlana Tarasova, Russia


Garden is a place where important things happen, things that are passed down from generation to generation and through the centuries. This is where humans touch the soil, and participate in the circle of life and in creation which brings simple and essential meaning to all living things.

1st place, single image: My Planet

Jelena Jankovic, Serbia

Selfie Culture

2016 will be remembered as a time when selfie culture started to determine our existence. While we are waiting for the approval of others, we are missing an opportunity to enjoy mysterious world all around us.

2nd place: Portrait. A Hero of Our Time

Yiheng Cheng, China

Shutting a Christian Out of Church

Many street children from slums like Kibera in Kenya suffer from pain and illnesses, such as HIV. They have been living on the streets for 5-10 years already. On this photo, Kevin and his friends in front of a church, from entering of which they were prohibited.

Jury Honorable Mention: My Planet

Shashi Shekhar Kashyap, India

Widow Holi

A widow plays Holi with other widows as they celebrate the festival of colors and flowers at Gopinath temple, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India.

3rd place: Portrait. A Hero of Our Time

Miguel Candela, Spain

Light in the darkness

According to the National Child Labor Survey, 1.2 million Bangladeshi minors work earning less than 2 USD a day. Their families depend on this extra money to sustain their livelihood.

Jury Honorable Mention: Alternative Reality

Stepan Rudik, Poland

Istanbul dummies

The photoseries were taken in Istanbul, Turkey and were inspired by photographer’s idea of a human manufacturing human-looking dummies. There are themed streets in Istanbul dedicated to the sale of a specific product. For example, a street selling ‘humans’ with several small private mannequin workshops full of ‘clones,’ or abandoned mannequins, close by.

Jury Honorable Mention: Portrait. A Hero of Our Time

Sadegh Souri, Iran

Victims of smuggling

Six million litres of diesel and paraffin oil are smuggled out of Iran into Pakistan every day, which amounts to about two billion litres every year. Unemployment, drought, and the low price of fuel in Iran compared to Pakistan are the main reasons for fuel smuggling.

Jury Honorable Mention: Sports

Artur Lebedev, Russia

Before the Start

At the start of the Megalavina (Mega Avalanche), a mass descent on bikes from the top of the Aibga Ridge along the ski tracks.